Trademark Classification

Online Trademark Registration In India

A Trademark is a visual symbol which may be an image, word, name or any other device used to differentiate a product from others in its segment. An easily recognizable or popular trademark is a valuable asset for any business and to prevent its duplication and misuse, one must get it registered. The Controller General of Patents,Designs and Trademarks is the registering authority which comes under the purview of Ministry of Commerce,Government of India. The Trademarks registry which was set up in 1940 specifies 45 classes under which various goods and services are categorized. Governed by The Trademarks Act,1999, the process of trademark registration in India is online and can be done easily with the help of registration services like ours.

Why Trademark Registration is Necessary

The following points will illustrate the importance and benefits of registering a trademark.

Legal Protection

The biggest advantage of opting for trademark registration services in India is the protection that one’s brand gets from unauthorized use of the trademark. In case of such an eventuality, the owner can always take the legal route and sue the violator for compensation.

Improved Sales

A trademark helps in associating some amount of trust and goodwill with a brand, creating a loyal customer base which can be tapped for selling other products of the same company which the buyers will easily identify on seeing the trademark.

Enhanced Brand Value

It helps in improved valuation of a brand as no other competitor can use the same trademark and the uniqueness thus created helps in increased popularity of the product or service.

Asset Creation

Registered trademark is an asset which can be used for monetary benefits by selling, franchising or contracting it.

How Business Ventures India Helps Us

A well-recognized brand name is an asset for any business and more so for an upcoming entrepreneur. Registering a trademark not only helps in identification of a product but it also helps in building brand value leading to better company profile and undoubtedly contributing to increased sales. One hears of numerous cases of infringement or imitation and that makes it absolutely necessary for any commercial enterprise to go for trademark registration in India.

Trademark Registration needs a very refined approach and specialists are required at every stage in order to get a positive result. Business Ventures India have been providing trademark registration services in India for the past 5 years. Our clients range from new startups to old and reputed corporations. Our trained professionals help the client right from the first stage of choosing an appropriate trademark for the application. It seems a very easy process but in reality it requires a lot of diligence as not only do we have to make sure that the trademark is unique but at the same time one has to take care of the customer’s brand marketing strategy.

We have an expert team which has to its credit many successful trademark applications and based on the information provided by the client, they will draft an application designed for getting approval. Extreme care is taken in this process so as to ensure that the registration is successful. The customer is provided the necessary help and guidance at every stage of the process and at very affordable prices. Business Ventures India offers various packages for all types of entrepreneur to help them register a trademark online in India.

Frequently Asked Questions


A Trademark search is the first step in the Trademark registration procedure. A search is to be conducted in order to determine the uniqueness of the mark, and its similarity to other, pre- existing marks. It is very much advisable to conduct a Trademark search before registering or using a Trademark. Without a search, there are chances for being sued for Trademark infringement, the rejection of the Trademark application, and a third-party challenging the Trademark application.


Trademark registry publish Trademark the mark in Trademark Journal.


No, Trademarks have to be registered in individual countries, depending on the legislation.


Basic Documents include following:

  1. Trademark Application.
  2. specifications of goods or service for which application is made.
  3. Representation of mark in prescribed size and format.