We give great importance to the privacy of our valued customers/clients. That is why, we have we have clarified as how we collect your data, use it for meeting your business needs and protect it from falling into the wrong hands. Please read this privacy policy before using our services/products.


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When you browse our website and get started with us, we collect personal information provided by you. Information collected by us may include Your Full Name, Phone Numbers, Credit/Debit/Other payment instrument details, Email Id, Correspondence address etc. The information we collect is safe with us. We use them to offer you our products/services as per your specific needs and demands, track your previous records, advertise our services, etc. It also helps us to make the necessary improvements in our services so that we may satisfy your growing needs easily.

When you visit our website, we also track your IP address, geographical location and computer browser information to identify you and your communication with us. We also deliver cookies to your system. It helps us to serve you easily and quickly. If you don’t want cookies to be delivered to your computer/laptop, you can use the browser settings to disable cookies. It won’t affect our core services. You will keep using our services as usual without facing any problem. However, you will not be able to use certain features of the website.

When you make transactions with us, all your details, such as a billing address, a credit / debit card number and a credit/debit card expiration date and/ or other payment instrument details are safe with us.

If you post messages on our message boards and give feedbacks, we use them to solve the problems escalated by you and offer the customer care support as per the applicable law.

Generally, we don’t share your information with any unauthorized 3rd party. But, always keep in mind that we can share your personal information with our clients and affiliates to prevent fraudulent activities. We may also disclose your information to law enforcement agencies if you are wanted by the law in the case of heinous crimes or fraudulent financial actives.

We and our affiliates will share or sell your information fully or partially if we get involved in Merger and Acquisition activities.

Our website has links to other websites that may collect the personally identifiable information. We don’t control their “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy”. So, we are not responsible for their actions. So, browse those websites at your own risk. We can’t be held liable in any case if you suffer a loss.

Our website is safe for use and browse. We use the latest internet security technology to protect our website against online vulnerabilities. We conduct security audits from time-to-time to discover possible security loopholes and get rid of them as soon as possible. We appeal you to use unpredictable and uncommon Login and password to protect your E-account with us. Never share your account details with anyone. Keep updating your password regularly to protect your E-account and prevent unauthorized access.

We allow our clients/customers to opt out from receiving marketing and promotional ads send by us or our affiliates.

If you have valid questions/suggestions/recommendations regarding our services/products, feel free to share with us. We will take note of your concerns and try to entertain them as soon as possible.