Employment Document Drafting Service

A professional organization is based on sound business principles and strong ethics and these values should reflect in its employment policies also. It is also necessary to formulate these thoughts in a written document. The code of conduct, employee contract or any such document needs to be carefully and properly worded. It is essential to take help of a employment document drafting service in order to frame a document that not only informs but also in case of a dispute is legally watertight.

An employment related document lists all the details related to terms, duties, responsibilities, working hours, period of contract, benefits, salary, allowances and bonus to a prospective employee.
Our employment drafting service ensures that the terms of employment contracts signed with employees while mentioning all facts pertinent to the employment, safeguard the interests of the organization clearly mentioning its responsibilities while concurrent with all legal requirements. Approach us for samples of different types of documents that are needed by the Human resources department of any organization like offer letter, appointment letter, termination letter, code of conduct etc.

Employment/HR Policy Draft

Employ our vast knowledge & experience in employment and HR, to get drafts for the employment/HR policy for your business organization. It will help you to get drafted policies, procedures, guides, staff handbooks, and any other documentation that is likely to keep you on the right side of the law and get the best value from your employee.

Sexual Harassment Policy Draft

The Government of India has made it mandatory for employers to provide a safe working environment for women while sensitising the workforce about gender issues. It is also necessary to spell out in writing about the consequences of indulging in such activities. Every organization needs to display the relevant order and the procedure to make the complaint to the in-house Internal Complaints Committee.

Drafting of sexual harassment policy consists of not only merely stating the law but also spelling out the employer’s liabilities and responsibilities and the support and grievance redressal system meant for the victim. Our experts have the experience of drafting such documents for a number of organizations and feel free to avail of their services.

Offer Letter Sample

An offer letter should be welcoming in tone at the same time clearly stating the terms of employment that you are ready to propose to a prospective worker. The wordings should be uncomplicated and explicit in explaining the job responsibilities and the cost to company details, leaving no scope for any dispute in future. We can prepare samples of such letters depending on the job profile.

Samples for Employment Contract

An employee contract is governed by general contract laws of India and therefore needs to be drafted carefully. All the particulars of the job like the nature and description, location and the term along with all the salary and benefit details need to be mentioned in it. Provide us with all the relevant information and we will assist you in preparing foolproof contract samples that you can use.