Register Your Copyright

The law that protects the original creator from illegal duplication and use of his/her work is governed under the Copyright Act, 1957 of India. An assortment of rights like exhibition to the public, reproduction, adaptation and translation in other languages, this law helps protect a citizen’s creativity. Basically formulated to protect the works of imaginative people like writers, artists, actors and musicians, its ambit stretches to shield architects, designers, producers of cinema and sound recordings and computer software designers or manufacturers.

Not only does the law protect a work of art from theft and copying, it also enables the proprietor to gain monetarily from it in the form of royalty, every time the work is reproduced or displayed. It is imperative for artists and others to avail the service of online copyright registration in India. It also helps in matters of dispute as the rightful owner can always use the obtained copyright document to establish ownership. Awareness about the infringement of this law is low in our country and people need to be educated about copyright registration services in India.

Registered with the Registrar of Copyrights, the works eligible for protection may be classified as follows:

  • Original Literary Works : Any written or printed material
  • Original Artistic Works : A painting, drawing, sculpture, a photograph or an engraving
  • Original Dramatic Works : Any recitation, acting, choreography or any such arrangement without cinematography
  • Original Musical Works : Any work comprising of music but without any sung,spoken or performed words.
  • Original Cinematograph Films : A visual recording showing moving images on any medium accompanied by sound recording
  • Original Sound Recording : A recording of sounds on any medium

Authors of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works enjoy lifetime ownership of their copyrighted material. The owners of cinematograph films and sound recordings are granted a copyright of 60 years for their work starting from the year the work was first published.

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