Regular & Continuous Secretarial Work

One of the most important posts in a company is that of a Company Secretary who ensures that an organization is observing all compliances as laid down in the law. In fact, the company secretary is responsible for all the board members adhering to the law and being the nominated representative on legal documents it is the secretary’s duty to see that the shareholders are informed about the latest developments besides putting his/her signature on various documents being submitted to the respective government departments. Large corporations employ such professionals to work exclusively for them while smaller entities can hire company secretarial services as they are not required all year round by them.

Business Ventures India provides one of the best secretarial services in India and our experts specialize in assisting in the following matters:

Under Companies Act,2013

  • Registration of new companies and Limited Liability partnerships (LLP)
  • Secretarial Audit in prescribed companies under Section 204 of the Act
  • Certifying annual returns of prescribed companies under Section 92 of the Act
  • Informing company board about all the necessary compliances
  • Convene and maintain minutes of Board, Committee and General Meetings
  • Drafting Director’s report
  • Drafting Board evaluation Statement
  • Conducting all procedural filings with the Registrar of Companies
  • Advising the company on implementation of required compliances related to Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Due diligence of a company
  • Preparing Secretarial Compliance Certificate for prescribed Companies
  • Liasoning with the relevant government office for obtaining regulatory approvals

We have a team of esteemed professionals with considerable work experience in every secretarial matter and you can approach our secretarial work facilities for services like converting your partnership to a LLP or for getting all the procedural work related to changing your registered office address.

Business Ventures India assures you of thorough and foolproof work at reasonable prices.