Change of Registered Office

The growth in business or any other circumstances may necessitate a change of the office location. The registered office is the hub of a company’s business activities and the address where all business or official communication is sent. An entrepreneur will inform the customers and suppliers and other relevant people and organizations but the most important office to be informed of a change in registered office address is that of the Registrar of Companies (RoC). The following situations may arise when changing the office location:

  • The new office is in the same city/ town/ village : The RoC needs to be notified within 30 days.
  • The new office is not in the same city limits but in the same state : A special resolution passed in a general meeting needs to be attached along with other documents.
  • The new office is in same state but different RoC : The company needs to make the required changes in the MoA. The copies of MoA, special resolution, notice and minutes of general meeting, board resolution/ power of attorney and a list of creditors and debenture holders must be filed with the application to change company’s registered address.
  • The new office is in a different state : The process is similar to the above scenario.

A newspaper advertisement announcing the change has to be published and every creditor and debenture holder must also be informed about the change.

We provide all assistance to a client looking to update company information with the RoC by helping in every aspect of the procedure from taking care of documentary requirements to the drafting of the resolution.