Over the past few years, India has slowly emerged as the favoured destination of foreign investors due to the presence of a large and skilled workforce apart from an increasing business friendly environment . It has also become easier for a foreign investor to start business in India due to improved economic policies. The government is constantly investing in improving its old incorporation mechanism and using digitization to speed up the process making investment in a business setup in India an increasingly easy experience.

The constantly evolving market and the resulting new dynamics mean that the Government has to regularly alter existing regulations or introduce new ones. These amendments require a foreign client to look for business setup services in India. Business Ventures India, has professionals fully conversant with the relevant laws and the latest amendments made to the Company Act as well as the regulations prescribed for starting a business in India.

The process to start a new business setup in India involves different stages and any investor thinking of starting such a venture can approach us for all the required help in clearing all the stages. Guiding you through every phase like choosing the type for your new entity and fulfilling all the compliance requirements, our experts will try to achieve the objective of getting your business off the ground in the shortest time possible. Take advantage of our online services which not only make the process convenient for you but also keep you up to date with all the developments regarding your application. Be assured of reasonably priced, thoroughly professional service when you choose us.

How Foreign Companies Start A Business In India

A large human capital and an extensive market makes India an attractive destination for overseas investors. According to Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, the FDI figures for April- December 2017 stand at US$ 35.94 billion and this amount is only going to increase as the Government is also working proactively in this regard. The following information is meant to help any investor thinking of starting a business in India.

Entry Plan

The two modes that foreign companies can use to gain access to the country’s market are

Private Limited Company : The easiest way to enter Indian market as 100% FDI in a private limited company is allowed under the automatic route and does not require Central Government’s permission. This is the preferred way to start business in India as incorporating an organization as a wholly owned subsidiary or a joint venture is a speedy and economical process.

Branch/LiaIson/Project Office : A time-taking and costly method as opening of such an office is subject to RBI and/or Government approval and moreover foreign nationals are not allowed to open such offices in India.


A private limited company must have a minimum of two directors and a minimum of two shareholders with one director being an Indian Citizen and Indian National (any person who has spent 186 or more days in the country). The shareholders can be persons or corporate entities. An address must be registered in India as the office and the location decides the legal jurisdiction applicable to the business.

Foreign businesses usually appoint two overseas personnel from their parent company and one local Indian as the three directors with no minimum shareholding requirements of the Indian director enabling the foreigners to hold 100% shares of the new company.

Documentary Requirements

Foreigners appointed as directors are asked to submit passport size photographs along with a copy of their passport and a residence proof (bank statement/utility bill), notarized by the Notary in home country or the Indian embassy. They need not appear in person during the registration process.

A corporate entity acting as a shareholder in a business setup in India needs to submit the Board Resolution authorizing the foreign company’s investment in the Indian venture along with the notarized copy of the Incorporation Certificate of the foreign company.

Cost & Time

The costs involved in starting a business in India are nominal while the process of incorporation takes only a few weeks.

Post-Incorporation Formalities

The indian Director can open the new company’s bank account after which FDI reporting- a process easily completed with Indian legal or accounting professionals’ help, to the RBI should be done ensuring that the new business is compliant with all the regulations and ready to operate.

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Starting a business in India has never been this easy but even then an entrepreneur entering the country with a new venture needs a helping hand. Business Ventures India is one of the oldest business setup services in India helping people not only with the incorporation process of a new company but going beyond and assisting in post-registration compliance issues as well. A state of the art online system built exclusively for our company helps us give our clients highly-efficient service without any wastage of time. Committed to provide maximum customer satisfaction our thoroughly trained staff have substantial experience of helping numerous clients start a new business setup in India.

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1. What are the main documents required for the formation of company?

  • Self attested PAN card copy.
  • Four Photographs.
  • Self attested copy of any one of the Identity Proof such as Driving License, Passport, Voter ID & Aadhar Card
  • Self attested copy of the Address Proof such as Bank Pass Book / Bank Statement, Telephone Landline Bill, Mobile Bill & Electricity Bill
  • Company Address proof

What are the main roles of a company director?

Directors are responsible for managing the company in the best efficient manner
For more concerns, Please contact us any time.

Can a company own a property under its name?

Yes, it can.